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Oil Production Decrease: Will Gas Price Rise Again?

Oil Production Decrease: Will Gas Price Rise Again?

September 06, 2023

Market Insights

Welcome to The Gate Market Update, proudly presented by The Cornerstone Financial Group Inc. Following the holiday weekend, the markets are experiencing a period of stabilization after a tempered nonfarm payroll report and a significant development out of Saudi Arabia.

Nonfarm Payrolls and Market Sentiment

Last week, nonfarm payrolls saw growth below initial expectations, inciting a positive response in the markets. Hiring and payroll figures are often used as a litmus test for the overall market health. When payrolls surge, it signifies a phase of economic expansion, which can be a harbinger of challenges in controlling inflation. The recent deceleration in this indicator is being viewed as a potential signal that the Federal Reserve (FED) is making progress in its mission to combat inflation without triggering a severe economic downturn.

Saudi Arabia's Oil Production Cuts

However, amidst the upbeat employment data, Saudi Arabia has announced an extension of its oil production cuts until December. This move effectively reduces supply while our demand remains steady, exerting upward pressure on oil prices. The ramifications of potential oil price increases are far-reaching, impacting various facets of our economy, including transportation (cars, trucks, and semis), manufacturing, and consumer goods. These sectors are poised to witness price hikes as long as Saudi Arabia continues to curtail production, thereby compounding the challenges faced by consumers already grappling with economic pressures.

Oil Services Index and Potential Gaps

Furthermore, the Oil Services Index has recently breached its recent highs, ushering in the possibility of more rapid gains. Notably, it's currently trading at its highest valuation in over three years. While oil services can sometimes defy strict adherence to technical analysis, there are indications of a potential gap in the charts that may be filled in the near future.


Key Considerations

As we navigate these market dynamics, it's essential to closely monitor any revisions in employment and payroll data, as they will play a pivotal role in shaping the Fed's policy decisions and aid in forecasting economic trends, potentially warding off a recession. Additionally, keep a vigilant eye on oil prices, as they hold considerable sway in the battle against inflation and influence the pricing of everyday commodities.

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