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Do Your investments align with your values?

Living Values Aligned

Living Values Aligned

Buying a stock is buying ownership in a company. 

Investors have the power to fuel business with their own dollars and in turn, receive profits. It all looks great on paper, but...

Do you know what you are profiting from? 

Businesses have the ability to make a profit from either bringing good, or harm to society and people. Frankly, not many investors know what they're profitting from or what practices the businesses they own are engaged in.

Here at Cornerstone, we work with you to identify what means most to you and help create a portfolio to meet both your values, and your goals. 

Schedule a time to meet with us and discuss your investments today. 

Our Partners

Our Partners

We are not alone in our pursuit to promote and elevate companies that do good. We partner with other companies like OneAscent, Eventide Asset Management, and Timothy Plan. Working with these companies gives us access to in-depth research and insightful investment management that is all values centered. 

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